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What are YOU playing?
I figured this off topic section could be put to some more use and get a little more activity going on around here. Wink

So I'm just wondering what are you guys playing at the moment?

For me I don't have a ton of time free but what little I do is usually spent playing Planetside 2, Mists of Pandaria and DayZ/WarZ. Oh I also of course played Borderlands 2 and Dishonored not too long ago, but you know how rapidly single player gets old for us internetz folk. Wink

What about you guys?

Barely anything really.

Occasionally BF42 DC Mod, BF2 Forgotten Hope, Payday: The Heist, BF3 (though that's rare), trying to get back into Alpha Centauri and Hearts of Iron (But I always dread breaking into a Paradox game). Also got Deadlight recently.

Planning on finishing Fallout 2 and starting Planescape when I get the chance. Really wanted to start Deus Ex and The Witcher, but had software problems up the wazoo, gotta fix isometime.

Really feeling a craving for old school stuff lately.

Tried WarZ today (got a trial key), God I hate it, lol, I disliked the company and how the project was run insanely, but decided to give it a shot... nope, nope, nope...

Waiting on DayZ standalone.

Borderlands 2 was fun in coop, but it gets old after a while.

Oh yea and AC3 when it comes out for PC, might power play it for 3-4 days.
Well I'm not a fan of any of those games as it happens lol, but I also agree with you on WarZ. I had issues just getting them to accept my CD key and everything afterwards has been disappointing thus far. I actually didnt used to play DayZ often at all, but now I've switched to playing that more frequently instead of bothering WarZ. Despite what they claim its clear that development on WarZ started well after DayZ first got some popularity.

I'm just going to wait a few months for either the alpha to progress to something fun, or it's community to stop being 90% douchebags.

I was actually put off by DayZ because the zombies are just way too glitchy and for me it's on a game breaking level. If they didn't move so glitchy etc they'd be no threat at all though. The way things are they are either a kitable joke or if you're unlucky a dozen can just walk through a wall or teleport up on a roof and then you're screwed if there's only one way out. Then again I've decided to put up with the buggy as hell zombies since the rest of DayZ is well beyond WarZ, especially the community.

The fact that zombies are a threat in WarZ and still move and generally behave somewhat like zombies is nice but aside from that everything else in the game needs some serious work.
Nothing.... what I want to play? Borderlands 2 and a bit of LoL. Bogged down in so much damn work.
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All I've really played recently is age of empires 2 which I've been playing against friends. I really enjoy going back to age2 because it's one of my favourite games of all time, the graphics may be dated but the gameplay is absolutely top notch Big Grin

I want to play swg a bit more since I'm close to finishing my template and I have some expensive resources to sell before something better spawns.

I want to try the new Mech Warrior MMO which went into open beta recently, though I haven't checked if my PC can run it... I also want to try every massive pc game from the last few years that I've been unable to play due to my PC being shit.

But yes, free time is short for me, can't complain too much but would like a good gaming session soon Big Grin
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
I'm on GW2 and I'm having fun, and I'm not forced to play as much as I can because there is basically no commitment, nothing is forcing you to play and you have nothing to lose, and for what the game cost and how much I've played it, I think if I stop playing it right now and never play again (I won't, obviously), then it was well worth it in the end.
I know I'm having a ton of fun, experimenting with the crafting system to find new recipes is something I always wanted to do, I make Jewellery and food, strawberry cookies, chocolate bananas, pear tarts... feels good.

I played and finished Borderlands 2 a while back shortly after it came out, and I don't know why but I had a great feeling about it compared to the previous opus, and I was right.
And having played Borderlands 1 I can definitely say that it's a total improvement, everything feels better in this game, the storyline, the living characters, the gameplay, customization, the weapons that actually feel like they're doing some damage, the maps (at the end of the game you go back to the Badlands, the starting area from the first game, and it's awesome how it evolved), the game is smooth as hell and very responsive imo, I didn't run into any bugs or glitches, and it has everything a PC game needs, all the options and keybindings you can think of really.

To me, definitely game of the year. And it took me three or four tries to actually finish the first game, but this one, I didn't see the time pass.

Also played and finished Dishonored, I had high hopes for it, it turned out it was just a big pile of confused shite. So that's how the game made me feel.

Dishonored is steampunk - Sure, let's make sure you take as much from Bioshock as you can and cover it up saying it's all inspired by Half Life 2 because HL2's visual director worked on your game.
Also, a human heart with mechanical parts, OMG so steampunk.

Dishonored is stealthy - Yeah, so stealthy that everything happens in daytime and you wonder how all those supposedly trained idiots can't see you.

Dishonored allows you to not kill anyone - Sure, if you can REALLY be bothered, knowing it won't reward you at all and the two whole endings will not be affected, but still if you want to be bothered you'll have to stack sleeping bolts that you can't upgrade and use your bare hands while sneaking behind those morons, because all the rest of the game is made for you to kill, pistol, sword, grenade, bomb, bolts, incendiary bolts... and I'm not even talking about the powers.

Dishonored involves you in its story and characters - Nope. Now that one was hilarious as hell, I mean I've played games where I didn't care about the characters or story because they weren't interesting, but in this game, it's just monumental how I couldn't give two buns about who lived and who died, the Empress died? Why should I care? Because the bland/dull/uninteresting character I'm playing knew her BEFORE the game started? LOL. Empires are bad anyway.

Also, when your writer is an arrogant prick who talks about how his character is better than Gordon Freeman, I mean I know stupid but this?
When it comes to silent characters, I'll take Freeman over that Corvo emo any day.

Yeah I had to rant because the game disappointed me from A to Z, there was absolutely nothing I could think of that I actually liked, and I always try to find the little good thing in everything, not this time.

I don't even care about the graphics, the art design or anything else, there is just nothing in this game, nothing, I forced myself to finish it so I could rage openly about it, and it's DONE!

Played and finished Jedi Outcast for the seventh time I think a few months ago, always fun.

Been playing the Walking Dead game since the first episode, and I'm not usually into point and click games because I feel detached from them, I like when games have point and click elements, but pure point and click, I'm just gonna bore myself to death.
So it's pretty much one of the few point and click games that I can't stop playing, I always have to finish each episode after it comes out, I used to be able to play one episode over a few days but now it's all in one run, it's just amazing, not sure what else to say, if I talk about how great character development is in this game, I'll start spoiling everything, so I'll stop there.

I think that's about it, I'm not going to go further back in time or I'll tell you about games I played years ago.
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It really feels like it's only barely been in development, but ignoring that, it's just so 'meh'. It doesn't feel like survival, it just feels like one big PVP fest, it's like the CoD version of DayZ, even worse really, lol. Played it again a bit today and now uninstalled it.

Map feels extremely small even though walking takes forever sometimes, the whole environment doesn't feel 'real', melee mechanics are so terrible, not to mention the hitbox (you have to hit above their head for it to be a head hit), I don't know, just everything combined, I could write a 2 page rant about it, lol.

ArmA (DayZ) at least feels like an open world and is really trying to get it right, you can really feel the fact that WarZ is just trying to cash in on the hype.

I agree about DayZ zombies, but hopefully, most likely, just like with the lack of real melee, with them having total access to the engine and a full dedicated team, they'll fix/add a lot of the glitchy ArmA 2 stuff. I got faith.

I hope for WarZ that it develops into something worthwhile, I really do, but I've been skeptical about the whole thing since the start.


Yea, BL2 is a huge improvement compared to BL, in coop it's a blast, but it's not something I can play all the time. Pretty decent contender for Game of the Year... actually I can't think of any other game this year that was particularly good.

Next year will be a bloodbath for GotY for me, with GTAV, Rome 2, Deadstate (hopefully), Wasteland 2, Watch Dogs, ArmA 3, CoH 2, The Last Of Us... just so many potentially great games!

Didn't bother with Dishonored, saw some gameplay commentaries which didn't really grab me.

Still waiting for the last episode to come out for The Walking Dead, so I can play it in one or two sessions.

I just came here after being shot in DayZ lol. I'm not having great luck recently.

It pains me that The Walking Dead game is 100x better than the series. Can't wait for the last episode and season 2. xD


I'm going to have to get back into GW2 but my SSD is quite small so I'd have to relocate one of the other games I play regularly. :|

None the less there was a lot of stuff I didn't touch even in beta so there's still plenty gameplay left in it for me, although I'm disappointed at how little has been added since launch.
Don't hate on the Walking Dead series -_-, okay some parts make me cringe but the last episode was crazy, especially toward the end, I felt bad for the characters affected, what can I say, I love the series. But yeah the game is usually more interesting because of the pace mostly, you are involved in it and you can interact with anyone when you want to, in the series you just follow the characters and most of the time you want to yell at them because of their incredibly stupid choices, and let's not talk about the romances, argh, let's hope it doesn't turn into another soap opera kinda thing with zombies, sorry, walkers.

Yeah I know what you mean about the content in GW2, but since I'm level 75, so 5 levels until I reach the max, on my Asura Engineer (Engineer is kinda weak if you don't play it right as I noticed too late), there is still a lot of content for me, and I only did one dungeon in story mode so I have time.

I must admit I had a blast in the Halloween event, it was in three or four parts throughout the week and what nonsense it was, my favorite event in this was the Clock Tower, a massive timed jumping puzzle that made you jump on platforms around the tower to get to the top, if you didn't time your jumps right you'd just die and get back to the lodge waiting for the others to either finish or die so you could start again. Biggest problem was the crazy amount of people playing at the same time, as an Asura being short as hell, I couldn't see myself jumping so I fell so many times, thank god for overflow servers, I ended up finishing it a dozen times, until they removed it at the end of the week, with a random guy who had tried for hours before me and never managed it lol.

So you know what it looks like.

Seriously though, this game SERIOUSLY needs a better camera, and an optional first person view when you fight in corridors, it's so jerky right now it makes my head hurt.

There is a new content update coming in 5 days, we'll see what they have in store, hopefully it's more than just a new map with random dynamic events.
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(2012-11-11, 07:52 PM)Kayliaah Wrote: Yeah I know what you mean about the content in GW2, but since I'm level 75, so 5 levels until I reach the max, on my Asura Engineer (Engineer is kinda weak if you don't play it right as I noticed too late), there is still a lot of content for me, and I only did one dungeon in story mode so I have time.

Lost Shores next week should be good as well, Level 80 Norn Guardian.... Norn + Jumping puzzles is so broken though, the model is just too big so its hard to judge jumps you will jump as late as possible and not make the jump because you could of ran further more and be floating just off the edge.
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