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What's necessary to implement a player structure?
Has anyone attempted to make a player-buildable version of existing structures in the game? There's a number of objects (example: NPC city halls, NPC hotels, NPC cantinas; there are others as well) that are in-game but aren't player-buildable.

I'm still researching, but so far it looks vaguely doable (although NPC buildings are apparently lacking a footprint file). Any useful threads I should be looking at, or is this going to be a "handle it from scratch" sort of project?

EDIT: Yes, I'm aware this also requires server-side implementation. I've got a VM running right now to experiment with.
There is a post here on the forums somewhere that has NGE houses added, you might can take a look at those files for an idea of how to do it.
My hex editing skills are weak.

I did manage to get an NPC structure to place, but when I attempted to edit the appropriate IFF file to add a footprint, it wouldn't work. The server actually throws a warning about a missing footprint, but it will allow it down.



Slow progress.

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Sorry to sound noobish.

By lacking a footprint I assume that means it will just mold to the topography of the landscape, rather than sit atop of it?

With the new SIE and templates, I'm going to be revisiting this in the very near future.

From what I can tell, the footprint file determines how flat the terrain needs to be and how much to flatten the existing terrain.

That's actually more important working with the NPC structures than it was with the original player structures.

Player housing was clearly designed with the idea of dropping on uneven terrain - large portions of the structure are under the ground level, so if the terrain isn't flat there's still "building".

NPC structures, on the other hand, have very little underground, so if they're placed in rough terrain that isn't completely flattened by the footprint there are very obvious gaps.
I turned bases into player housing. And caves and a few other things. Just saying. Tongue
Yeah, I was joking with my partner on my dev project about that. Just imagine the spam in Cnet - "Selling holes in the ground, small, medium, large, starting at 20k! PST!"
It's interesting. It's actually for a certain planet of mine. lol
Has this been figured out yet ? any updates?
(2015-05-30, 04:55 PM)Phoenix Wrote: I turned bases into player housing. And caves and a few other things. Just saying. Tongue

Hey Phoenix, would you care to point us to a example of your player housing base code or some hints to get started / forgive me if I missed another post or hint.. I would love to tinker around with a player owned, permanent base as housing option.

Cheers & Thanks in advance, DrDax

PS: I remember way way back, a base owner could place 100 items in a base, but lost them when destroyed before they changed it. I would love to tinker around with a player owned, permanent base. Every forward operating field base in real-life has some personal touches Smile

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