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What's the latest version of the Settings Overrider?

I currently have version 1.5 in my system; is there a more recent one?

There is 2.0, but it's not really working afaik.

You can do the same thing that 2.0 did by opening _machineoptions.iff in SIE.

In case I hadn't included/uploaded the MachineOptions templates for SIE before, here they are.

You just need ti find the right chunks and edit tinker with their values.

1.5 was pure memory editing.

P.S. Legit 'new' ModTheGalaxy Overrider will come at some point if I can ever finish SIE. It'll include both memory editing and machine options, but I really can't say when I'll get around to it. Hopefully before summer.
Timbab any news on this? With so many of the mods being oudated etc it would be great to see some more stable up to date mods.

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