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who liked the nge ?
this is for those who like the NGE and all the things the it brought to the game

All the things it brought to the game?
You mean all the bad things or the some of the new content (minus flying Ewoks and the like) that it brought at the very end when it was near death?

You're lucky that it's not the SWGEmu forums or you would've been crushed, especially in the pit.

Anyways, we already know about Project SWG, and pure advertising is bad and punishable by death, you should've written something about it, why do you think it's good and what makes it worth joining etc.

At any rate, MTG is a SWG modding website, we don't discriminate, usually. Wink
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I liked how it had more stuff, pre cu is bland. But I like pre cu profession system more
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(2012-06-18, 07:30 AM)ImperialAssasin Wrote: I liked how it had more stuff, pre cu is bland. But I like pre cu profession system more

I totally agree with you on that on pre cu was meh and NGE was amzing but I did like how in NGE you can start as a bounty instead of work your way up that
takes forever. NGE FTW!
Getting back to this,

All I'm gonna say in response to the "PreCU is bland" thingy stuff, is that if you thought PreCU was "bland" then your imagination and creativity was severely lacking, yes, PreCU was so damn bugged and unbalanced it's not even worth arguing about, but NGE didn't fix all these problems, it just replaced them (the professions, principally) with new ones.

Fact is, if only SOE managed to fix PreCU as best they could, in regards to OP stuff (weapons, skills...) and broken/useless professions (aka Smuggler), and THEN added the content they eventually added in the CU/NGE, then this game would probably still be up to this day and kicking ass, buuut since it's not what happened I guess I'm just gonna drop this dream here and let it die... unless SWGEmu manages to do better in the future.

The way I see it, and hell knows I've tested NGE (never played CU sadly) so many times, I do know that NGE had some great content, not counting the new player made quests etc that looked pretty cool when people got creative, and all the true Star Wars content, NOT involving crappy novel Stormie zombies and -the thing I hate most- the freaking pink flying Ewoks, overall NGE had some cool content, but it just fell flat because the core was even more broken than what it used to be, it's not even funny, the best of both worlds would be fine by me.

Since the NGE, I've always been in favor of more content, as long as it's Star Wars related (the SWG timeline is already messed up as it is, no need to make it worse), people need to feel in a true Star Wars sandbox as they used to back in the day, with some content to make them want to get involved.

"in NGE you can start as a bounty instead of work your way up that takes forever"

See that's one of the biggest problems these days, people just don't want to spend time to work on their goal, the achievement feels meaningless then, I mean if you start as a BH or Jedi from the start, what's the point? Hell, you can't even brag about how you managed, against all odds, to fulfill this goal, while all the others are still playing war with their Carbineers (which is one of my favorite professions) and the like.

I hope it's not rude but if you expect a SWG PreCU era type game to give you what you want on a diamond plate then this box of warm sand isn't for you.
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The later content NGE added such as collections and other systems, which in no way took away from the sandbox nature of the game was good and would have fit into Pre-CU so well. Everything else about NGE was bad though. You all know a ton of people left right after it hit, and those who stuck around only stayed because the SWG community was and probably still is one of the most unique, friendly and enjoyable communities out there.

There was nothing bland about Pre-CU. When you think about it the NGE was all about making the game more friendly and easy, but they then added the collection system and a high volume of players showed just how committed they were to those, which makes you wonder why they felt the commitment required to unlock Jedi in Pre-CU was too much. I knew a ton of people who completed a ridiculous amount of collections which were essentially a grind in a lot of cases, and a lot of the time these didn't even yield a special reward. If that doesn't show commitment I don't know what does.

I'm not saying Pre-CU didn't have its faults of course. Anyone who says the bugs and balance wasn't bad clearly didn't play back then. The balance in particular was a joke, certain profession combinations dominated in all situations while other professions were considered useless. Just take the Pikeman which I played a fair bit of. It was completely inferior to other combat professions in general. But, if you managed to get a good DoT pike, then you would just destroy everything, including Jedi. Balance shouldn't depend on you getting lucky with loot though, and I guess that explains why statistics showed Master Pikeman as rarer than Jedi. There was a ton of bugs too, but to be fair NGE was bug ridden as well.

So yeah, with the sandbox and social enhancing systems they added, NGE wasn't bad, but it doesn't come close to how epic Pre-CU was. I'm sure everyone here who played back then will remember the moment they saw their first Jedi. The NGE just doesn't give that level of nostalgic feeling. The reason for that feeling of nostalgia is because it was new, rich and original. The NGE was a cheap attempt at copying other games, hoping that if they followed the trending business model then they'd attract more subscribers. We all know that worked out, and how it's worked out for a dozen MMOs since.
I hate the NGE
I hate the CU
and I hate the pre-cu
But i love SWG.

If i were to make a SWG 2.0 i would mashbits from all Upgrades to the game

The NGE combat speed/system, The Complexity of the Crafting from Pre-cu, The Balance of the Armor, the 32 Professions, the Appearance Tab, Collections, and so on.
(2012-10-29, 02:50 PM)wefi Wrote: I hate the NGE
I hate the CU
and I hate the pre-cu
But i love SWG.

If i were to make a SWG 2.0 i would mashbits from all Upgrades to the game

The NGE combat speed/system, The Complexity of the Crafting from Pre-cu, The Balance of the Armor, the 32 Professions, the Appearance Tab, Collections, and so on.

Seems like you're mistaken. The NGE combat speed/system was the worst change ever made to the game. I'd rather have 9 professions and a more CU like combat system than that pile of crap they came up with for the NGE. That's right, the snappy fugly combat bothers me more than destroying the professions and handing out free jedi.

And in addition crafting was probably more complex in the NGE era of the game, it just felt less because it was all condensed down into the "trader". If you had all the crafting changes and additions of NGE merged into the pre-cu profession set up it would be a lot more complex than vanilla.

What would make SWG perfect would be all of the NEW content and systems like collections, storytelling etc merged into the CU era. And then the most missed elements of Pre-CU and merge them into CU somehow.

I enjoyed CU and if the change from Pre-CU to CU was slightly less drastic it would've been great and I doubt many would complain. Then all you need is to add all of the cool systems and content which came in NGE, adapt where needed to fit in with the CU combat and wide array of professions and there you go. Epic sandbox sexiness.

I mean just imagine stuff like Bio engineer with some of the beast mastery stuff merged into it. That alone adds a whole level of complexity and possibility across most of the crafting professions. Just think if all those little details and systems were diluted into a CU/Pre-CU hybrid. It would be epic.
near the end of SWG, the combat system greatly improved. well the animations. I am sure you can do this with the CU speed, just... I used to love the CU combat, but the NGE speed makes things a bit faster.

that was just a pre-alpha stage, Once PSWG is up with combat i will re-build the mod.

if your talking about the Animation Speed..
1 simple file swap fixes it all. A is using the File Swap, B is just the NGE, and C is just a plane jane animation swtich.
I am aware there were simple mods available to tidy it up. I may have even released a few myself, but saying the combat system got better near the end is a lie. They made NGE combat look less choppy simply by adding more and more of the stuff they had originally taken out. Aside from making it look slightly less disgusting it didn't feel any better.

In a duelling video with people standing still hacking at each other you aren't going to see a problem if you've got a half decent animation edit going on, but proper PVP in NGE looked like a glitchy joke especially with animations being sped up for no good reason. It may have been fixable, but I'm not talking about mods.

A good chunk of things they changed in the NGE just weren't necessary in the least. They could've gone for that lame combat system without taking out all of the aesthetically pleasing things which was in the game previously, like blaster bolts realistically flying off into the distance, animations which were played at the correct speed and a ton of other stuff. There were so many tiny details like that which had no effect on the combat system, yet they for some reason removed them. I can remember when NGE first came out I think they had removed every single melee animation except for the default attack and one of the spin attacks. Such a huge variety of animation lol...

It's stuff like that which many of us will never understand. The NGE generally made the game look even more buggy. They could have sped up SOME animations SLIGHTLY so they didnt look stupid like they were missing a ton of frames. It should have been very slightly and limited to combat animations. Just doing /sit in NGE and then in Pre-CU puts my point across perfectly.

It's no wonder the NGE era had such poor performance even after they finally raised the FPS cap. It's because so many assets were tweaked to an unnatural level. It's the ridiculous amount of things they changed for no apparent reason that is so confusing. It's for this reason that at least 50% of modding was people desperately trying to restore all the things taken out with no justification.

EDIT: In http://youtu.be/OzNZajYmzQo - What the guy with the double bladed saber is doing was is pretty much the entirety of animations which SOE left in after NGE was initially released. You can imagine how incredibly exciting lightsaber combat looked! xD

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