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Wiki pages updated
I've updated two wiki pages today, the TRE Explorer page and the Emulators page.

This is sort of a reminder about the wiki and a demonstration that it is really quite simple to add to it, it took me probably about half an hour to create both of those pages (and that was while being distracted by other things) Smile

So if anyone wants to check my information for accuracy or add the pages for the red links then please do so, we need all the help we can get for the wiki!

Also don't forget that there are still a lot of file types in need of editing! Check out the list!
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It's very nice!
One step closer to completion!

Maybe a SWGANH representative could come here and fill up the hole in their Emulator section, who knows it would be cool.

I'm looking at the wiki, I don't really know what to add but I see the List of Tools section is red, and only TRE Explorer is there.

Question is, would it be worth adding the ancient tools as well? (i.e SWGExplorer, TRE Archiver, InsideSWG)
Knowing that TRE Explorer can do everything the ancient tools can do and is way more effective.
For nostalgia's sake? Lol.

There is a bunch of third party tools that can be used with SWG Emulators like the SWG Mod Manager (I made a topic about it), a bunch of easy to use and free Hex Editors, I don't know.
In the mean time if we start adding every possible modding tool, the list will be long and the Tools section will become a doublet.
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