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ZonamaDev - how to identify all the files you changed?
Hi guys.  I've been playing around a bunch lately and want to save my files and redo ZonamaDev so it's fresh and will have all the latest code from the SWGEmu team.  However I don't even know what all I changed (lol I'm really bad at keep track or being orderly in any way).

Is there an easy what even identify which files I changed?  How about compare the files afterwards?  I read on here somewhere 

"on the zonamdev build under applications menu > development... you will see meld. it allows you to compare to files side by side and copy certain changes across

and copied the post for later, though I don't seem to have that drop down.  Ideally I would like to identify all the changes I made so I can replicate them, slowly, after I have the new code in.

Thanks.  Any help is much appreciated.
Anything I have changed I commit to my own GIT repository and push it to GITHUB so I can view the changes on there by clicking on the commit name. It shows all the files that have changed and have been added during that commit.

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